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Jaguar and Land Rover Petrol or Diesel - Which is Better?

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Choosing Between Petrol or Diesel Engines

Making An Informed Choice

Our customers often ask us "Petrol or Diesel Car Which is Better?" and here at Harwoods Jaguar and Land Rover we know that choosing the perfect new car is an important decision, however making sure you choose the right engine for your lifestyle is just as vital. There are many things to consider including how often, how far and where you drive. Both engines boast various benefits to help you make the most out of every journey. Whether you decide on petrol or diesel, the Ingenium engines are built to maximise performance, lower running costs and ensure environmental sustainability. What’s more, all of our new vehicles are Euro 6 regulation compliant and excluded from the Ultra Low Emission Zone daily charge. Find out more about the benefits of petrol and diesel engines below, so you can make an informed decision when you purchase your next vehicle.

Petrol Engines

The Facts:

  • Our petrol engines provide exceptional performance, dynamics and agility. They are perfect for navigating city streets & great for high performance models

  • Petrol cars are slightly less expensive than their diesel equivalent

  • More suitable for driving shorter distances.

Diesel Engines

The Facts:

  • Our diesels offer more torque. This power is ideal for motorway driving and conquering off-road terrain, as well as towing

  • If you drive more than 12,000 miles or more per year, a diesel is more likely to be the most cost effective choice

  • CO2 emissions are greatly reduced and produce 20-25% less than petrol engines. Since 2006, all of our diesel vehicles have been fitted with particulate filters and catalytic converters to remove 99% of all particulates from the exhaust

  • Reduce NOx emissions thanks to Selective Catalytic Reduction.

Land Rover, Range Rover

Our Most Efficient Engines Ever

The Ingenium range of engines are designed and engineered at the £1 billion Engine Manufacturing Centre (EMC) in Wolverhampton, UK. These state-of-the-art engines are available in both petrol and diesel varients, built to maximise performance and environmental sustainability, whilst also keeping running costs down for owners.

Key Points:

  • Can achieve emissions as low as 152g/km of CO2 - our most fuel efficient engines ever

  • Lowering harmful gas emissions including CO2 and nitrogen oxide

  • Better fuel efficiency and reduced emissions - less money on fuel and tax

  • A smooth & quiet drive thanks to technical improvements and a lighter, aluminium engine

  • Retains off-road and towing capabilities.

For more information on our available engines or to book a test drive to experience them for yourself, call your local Harwoods Jaguar or Land Rover dealerships today.

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