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14-Day Moneyback Guarantee

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The Harwoods Used Car 14-Day Money Back Guarantee

No questions asked, simply return.

  • 14-Day return period.

  • 250-mile allowance.

  • Risk-free used car purchasing.

You’ve found and purchased your perfect used car from Harwoods, and in nearly every situation the story continues with the happy journey thereafter. But, life isn’t always that straightforward; the unexpected happens, or you simply change your mind, or the garage is narrower than you thought, or your two-year-old disapproves and wont be placated despite your best efforts. Quite simply there could be any number of unforeseen reasons why you find yourself rethinking your purchase, or perhaps uncertainty is the reason you are holding off buying in the first place.

You needn’t worry, because we understand, and care that you are happy with your used car purchase. If you decide you want to return your used vehicle within the first 14 days, let us know and we'll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

That’s right; you can go ahead, follow your feelings, and confidently purchase your used car from Harwoods in the knowledge that we understand things happen, with 14 days to change your mind. No questions asked.

Search for your used car from Harwoods, reserve and buy risk-free right now:

We have some terms and conditions which apply to the Harwoods Used Car 14-Day Money Back Guarantee: For clarity, ‘you’ refers to the customer, ‘Dealership’ refers to the dealer, ‘car’ ‘the car’ refers to the vehicle purchased.

Returns Policy

You may return the Car to the same Dealership within 14 days from the day after the date of delivery, without giving any reason, subject to the terms stated. The 14 day Money Back Guarantee applies only to cars ordered online.

How to return the Car

You may initiate the return of the car by calling a member of the Dealership Sales Team, informing them of the cancelation and confirming the same in writing. The cancelation shall be exercised no later than 6pm following 14 days after the date of delivery.

Money back and Conditions

If you paid for the car in full by a Visa or Mastercard debit or credit card, the Dealership will repay to you the Purchase Price of the car provided the following conditions are met:

  • the car is free from all charges or claims from any third party including a finance provider;

  • the car is still owned by you the customer;

  • the car is in the same condition as on delivery. Please note that during this period the returns policy will be void if any track, race, rally (motorsport), or off-roading occurs that would impact the condition of the vehicle: for the avoidance of doubt, the policy only supports typical road use during the 250 mile period;

  • the Car has not been involved in an accident since delivery.

Upon your request to return the car, the Dealership will arrange with you to collect the car. You will agree to provide the Dealership with the following:

  • all copies of the car's keys;

  • the car's service history (if any);

  • the car's MOT certificate (if any);

  • the car's user manuals (if any);

  • any accessories;

  • any other documents or items which the Dealership gave to you at delivery, in relation to the car;

  • the V5C registration document and/or all necessary documents relating to the car.

NOTE: The Dealership reserves the right to deduct a reasonable sum from the purchase price if any of the above conditions are not met. You are responsible for the removal of personal belongings or the deletion of personal data from the car prior to collection. You remain responsible for the car until the Dealership has collected it. You must ensure that the car is insured with a fully comprehensive insurance policy until collection.


If you have paid for the car using a Finance Agreement, the Dealership will repay to you the deposit and the Dealership will repay the remainder of the purchase price to the finance provider with whom you entered into a Finance Agreement, provided that the following conditions are met: the car has not been driven for more than 250 miles since delivery; no alterations or modifications whatsoever have been made to the car; the car is in the same condition as it was at delivery (except fair wear and tear); and the car is free from all charges or claims from any third party including a finance provider. The Finance Company agree to cancelation of the Agreement. The Customer shall contact the Finance Company and arrange settlement of the Finance Agreement.

Part Exchange

If you have sold a Part Exchange Car to the Dealership in part payment of the car, the Dealership may not be able to return the Part Exchange Car to you. The Dealership will include an amount equal to the valuation of the Part Exchange Car in the amount to be repaid to you.


If you return the car the Dealership will notify the Warranty Provider, and any 90-day warranty or any other service contract arranged through the Dealership will be automatically terminated.

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