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Harwoods Bentley is proud to bring brand new and pre-owned Bentley vehicles to customers from across Hampshire and West Sussex and beyond. In addition to this, we also provide high-quality Bentley servicing and repairs – from our state-of-the-art workshops in Bramshaw and Pulborough. We are here to help you keep your luxury vehicle in prime condition as the years go by.

You can rely on Harwoods Bentley to deliver exceptional Bentley servicing and repairs at competitive prices – whether you bought your vehicle from us or not. Our dedicated technicians – with first-class experience of partnering with the prestigious British marque – are available to carry out a range of servicing procedures. It is the best way to ensuring your Bentley continues to reach peak performance when you hit the road.

Bentley Maintenance

In addition, we also offer competitively priced MOTs – a legal annual requirement once your car is three years old or over. As well as standard MOTs, Harwoods Bentley can also offer extra services alongside your MOT, including oil replacement and filter cleaning. You can rely on us to take care of the smallest of details and cover all bases.

Our workshop is also equipped with everything we need to provide a comprehensive repair service – using genuine repair parts only. Our team of dedicated technicians are on hand to talk you through exactly what is required to get your Bentley back on the road. We will also discuss pricing options with you before we get started – because we believe in providing a transparent service. We want to get you back on the road with minimum stress, in as little time as possible.

It has never been simpler to arrange servicing or repairs for your Bentley in Hampshire and Sussex. You can make a booking online or call us directly to learn more about what we can do for you.

Our full range of servicing and repairs options are listed below. Click on a relevant section to find out more.

Bentley Brakes Maintenance

The brakes on your Bentley are beautifully designed and engineered to the very highest standard, just like the rest of your vehicle. Bentley brakes are there to provide you with safe and smooth stopping day in, day out. To ensure your brakes always maintain the same exceptional standard it is important to have your brake fluid replaced every two years.

Bentley Air Conditioning Maintenance

Bentley recommends that a vehicle’s air conditioning system is serviced every two years. Here at Harwoods we offer two levels of air conditioning maintenance:

  • Air Conditioning Cleanse

    This involves cleaning the ventilation system to destroy bacteria, fungus and mildew, leaving a freshness you can sense and smell.  

  • Full Air Conditioning Service

    This incorporates the air conditioning cleanse and also involves evacuating the existing contents of your system and recharging the system with new refrigerant to Bentley’s specification.

Both levels are cost effective, especially when compared to the potential cost of fixing a damaged air conditioning system.

For more information please call your local Harwoods Bentley on the contact numbers below:

Bentley Sussex 01798 300 248

Bentley Hampshire 023 8001 9438

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