Harwoods Group Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy a car on finance?

How does delivery work?

Can I test drive before I buy?

How do I reserve a car online?

What is hire purchase?

What is personal contract purchase?

How do you value my part exchange car?

What are the benefits of dealer finance?

JLR Security

What is JLR doing around security?

What does JLR advise for clients of pre-2018 vehicles?

How do clients access an InControl/Remote app subscription?

Do you advise the fitment of third-party trackers?

Does a third-party tracker impact warranty etc?

What is the cost of this tracker? How can I buy it?

Do you recommend Ghost immobilisers?

Is it advised for clients to disable passive keyless entry?

JLR Insurance

What is the picture with thefts, security and our new models?

Why are Range Rovers being stolen?

Is Range Rover is the ‘most stolen’ car in the UK?

What are you doing to protect depreciation?