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From late 2015 every new vehicle sold in the EU must meet the Euro 6 (EU 6) emissions standard.

AdBlue is a non-toxic, non-flammable, odourless and biodegradable reducing liquid that helps to make cars more efficient and environmentally friendly, meaning lower levels of harmful exhaust emissions such as Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) are released into the atmosphere.

AdBlue works with a treatment system called ‘Selective Catalyst Reduction’ (SCR), which converts nitric oxide into nitrogen and water by mixing a compound made from ammonia and CO2 into deionised water.

The AdBlue fluid is not mixed with the fuel in your vehicle, instead it is carried in a separate tank and then released into the engine where it is injected into the exhaust gases. Working together with the catalyst, Adblue converts around 80% of the Nitrogen Oxide coming from the vehicles combustion chambers into harmless substances which are released through the exhaust.

HGVs, buses and other large diesel vehicles have been using AdBlue for several years, and since late 2015 every new vehicle sold in the EU must meet the Euro 6 (EU 6) emissions standard; therefore diesel cars feature an AdBlue injection system.

The consumption of AdBlue will depend on driving style, journey type, road conditions and the load placed on your engine, so topping up your AdBlue tank may be required between services.

You can refill the tank yourself when alerted by your Driver Information System, or bring your car to your local Harwoods Audi dealership for a one-off payment of £39.99 including VAT to benefit from a top-up to manufacturer fill level. Your driver information system will display a warning when the fluid is running low at three intervals. The warning will start at 1500 miles and count down, if the AdBlue level reaches 0 miles, you will not be able to restart your engine after you switch it off until your AdBlue level has been refilled in order for your Audi to fully comply with Euro 6 regulations.

Contact your nearest Harwoods Audi about booking your AdBlue top up today.

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