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Audi New Cars

Harwoods - Audi Dealers in Hampshire, Sussex and Surrey

Harwoods represent Audi cars in the South of England with dealerships in Southampton, Portsmouth, Five Oaks and Crawley. The Audi range comprises an extensive selection of body styles from hatchbacks and saloons to SUVs which can be specified to suit all kinds of drivers to create a practical, safe family car or a tuned up, sports machine.

Audi New Cars at Harwoods

Are you on the hunt for a vehicle that combines state-of-the-art technology, luxurious design, and unbeatable performance? Harwoods is your go-to dealership for the latest Audi new cars. Our Audi cars range caters to all, whether you're after a slick sedan, a versatile SUV, or a powerful sports car. We will help you through the journey of selecting your ideal Audi, considering the various finance options, and planning your future with Audi new cars.

Find Your Ideal Audi Model at Harwoods

Harwoods is here to help you find your perfect Audi. As an authorised Audi dealer, we offer a wide selection of the latest Audi new cars. Each model of our Audi cars offers exceptional performance, advanced technology, and luxurious comfort, carefully crafted to provide an unmatched driving experience. From the classic Audi A3 to the roomy Audi Q7, there's something for everyone in our Audi new cars selection.

The Audi A3 perfectly marries elegance and practicality, packed with advanced safety features and a sophisticated interior. The Audi Q5 offers plenty of room for passengers and cargo, all while maintaining its stylish appeal. For thrill-seekers, the Audi TT, with its athletic design and powerful engine, is a driver's dream among Audi cars.

Choosing an Audi brings a host of benefits. Not only will you experience the renowned Audi quality and craftsmanship, but you'll also enjoy a suite of advanced technologies, from Audi's virtual cockpit to their intuitive infotainment system. Audi's commitment to safety ensures peace of mind for you and your family. Begin your Audi journey today at Harwoods, where our expert team will guide you through our impressive range of Audi new cars.

Understanding Your Audi Finance Options at Harwoods

We understand the importance of finding the best finance deal for your new Audi cars. We offer several finance options, from Hire Purchase (HP) to Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) and Personal Contract Hire (PCH). Our experienced finance team is here to help you navigate these options and find the best fit for your Audi new cars.

When considering your finance deal, factors such as interest rates, monthly repayments, and additional fees should be taken into account. We'll provide a detailed breakdown of costs to help you make an informed decision. We'll also explain the terms and conditions of your finance agreement, including mileage restrictions, wear and tear guidelines, and end-of-agreement options.

At Harwoods, we strive to make the finance process as straightforward and stress-free as possible, ensuring you can enjoy your Audi new cars without financial worry.

Embrace the Future with Audi New Cars

With a focus on sustainability, Audi new cars are leading the way in eco-friendly driving solutions without sacrificing performance. From electric and hybrid models to fuel-efficient engines, our Audi cars can help those committed to reducing their environmental impact and providing a greener driving experience.

Planning for the future with Audi means investing in a vehicle equipped with the latest features and innovations. Whether it's advanced driver-assistance systems or modern infotainment options, Audi ensures a smooth and safe driving experience. Plus, with a wide range of customisation options in our Audi cars, you can create a car that truly reflects your personal style.

Plan your future with a brand that embodies luxury, innovation, and sustainability. Visit Harwoods Audi today to explore the latest models and experience the Audi new cars difference first-hand.

New Audi A1

The Audi A1 may be the most compact of the Audi range but it is a great car in and of itself with it's current model year taking inspiration from the classic Audi Quattro on the bonnet and it's low and wide stance makes it a great car to drive. Need a bit more boot space or room for the family? The Audi A3 is a great all-rounder, but there is always the S3 or RS3 versions for those looking for something edgier with more performance. The A series of Audi cars is extensive and is home to an Audi cult favourite, the Audi RS6, with it's awesome performance, aggressive bodywork and also being ultimately practical having an Avant body style.

New Audi Q3

The Audi Q3 is a popular choice for those that prefer crossover styling. You get a higher perspective and more headroom in the cabin but with all the latest tech you would expect from Audi including their latest MMI infotainment system and Audi Digital Cockpit. Up the luxury and interior space with the Audi Q5 or take it a step even further with the Audi Q7, configurable with up to 7 seats so there's room for the whole family.

New Audi Q8 e-tron

Ready to go electric? With more charge points across the country than ever before there's never been a better time to make the switch. The Audi e-tron range has something for everyone, from the original Audi Q8 e-tron with SUV dimensions and range of 330 miles to the family friendly Audi Q4 with a range of 315 miles or the electric sports car, the Audi e-tron GT.

New Audi R8

The Audi R8 is the pinnacle of Audi performance. A V10, Mid-engine provides breathtaking power and an exciting response at the wheel. Inside, fine Nappa Leather, heated and electronically adjustable seats await you as well as carbon fibre inlays and high performance Bang & Olufsen Sound System.

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