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Harwoods have worked closely with Slicker Recycling to greatly reduce our waste-to-landfill and ensure that our oil recycling process is sustainable. The result has been a Sustainable Waste Management Certification awarded to our individual dealerships. The most recent showroom to receive this standard is Harwoods Jaguar Land Rover Brighton, a brand new site that has committed to a sustainable way of working.

The full press release can be read below:

Harwoods Group has been awarded the Sustainable Waste Management certificate by Slicker Recycling for their industry-leading waste management practices. By making continuous improvements, the South of England based dealer group has made significant strides towards achieving their sustainability goals. This award follows the recent opening of their new Jaguar Land Rover site in Brighton, which is BREEAM rated as excellent for sustainability, praised for its nurturing approach in respect of the site, its heritage and surrounding environment.

Since working with Slicker, Harwoods have significantly reduced their waste-to-landfill and minimised their carbon footprint through new methods of waste management. The waste lubricating oil Harwoods generates through vehicle servicing, for example, is now sent for reprocessing instead of being burnt as a shipping fuel across the world’s oceans, a practice that is unfortunately still commonplace for much of the UK’s dealer groups. Like other automotive dealer groups, Harwoods produces a range of waste streams including, used oil, hazardous workshop waste, dry waste, confidential waste, and interceptor waste, to name a few. Through their partnership with Slicker Recycling, Harwoods have established sustainable routes for all their waste which better meet the European Waste Hierarchy model - encouraging business to recover, recycle and reuse their waste rather than simply disposing of it. At their Bentley dealership in Hampshire, over 75% of their dry waste is completely recycled, and 51% averaged across the whole group. Of the waste which is not recycled, it is used in a waste-to-energy process, ensuring disposal at landfill is completely avoided. Through their ongoing sustainability review process, Harwoods look to build on their already excellent recycling rate, to further improve their waste management.

Not only this, but Harwoods has also taken steps to dramatically reduce their carbon footprint. Thanks to Slicker Recycling’s state-of-the-art base oil re-refinery, Harwoods is one of only a handful of automotive dealer groups in the UK which re-refines their used lubricating oil back into a base oil, a major ingredient in the production of brand-new lubricating oil. Many other waste oil service providers convert their used oil into a “Processed Fuel Oil” which is then burnt as a marine fuel. Unlike Slicker’s sustainable approach, this process generates huge volumes of carbon emissions, contributes to climate change, and consumes a valuable finite resource. In addition, the base oil produced from Harwoods’ used lubricating oil at Slicker Recycling's re-refinery is over 30% more carbon-efficient to produce than its crude oil counterpart.

With the UN Climate Change Conference due to take place in November this year, world leaders and businesses alike, are looking for new ways to tackle climate change. With the support of Slicker Recycling, Harwoods Group is already ahead of the curve, playing their part to reduce waste volumes, cut their carbon emissions and fight global warming.

Lisa Younger, Procurement Manager at Harwoods Group comments: “At Harwoods we are very conscious about our environmental responsibility. Across the group, we aim to reduce our waste and limit our carbon emissions wherever possible. By working with Slicker Recycling, we have taken significant steps to meet these goals and look to continually improve our waste management processes moving forward.”

Laura Carter, Commercial Director at Slicker Recycling says: “It is great to be working with a customer that takes such a serious approach to their waste management. Through our close partnership, we have identified areas to help reduce minimise their carbon footprint and, together, fight climate change.”

If you would like to know more about Slicker’s sustainable waste management solutions, please visit www.slickerrecycling.com.

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