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Range Rover, known for its pioneering innovation, continues to redefine the standards of precision and quality in the automotive industry. With its extended range plug-in electric hybrid (PHEV), Range Rover introduces new levels of performance, efficiency, and refinement. Whether you’re exploring a new or approved used Range Rover, let's explore the distinguished design, refinement, luxury, intuitive technology, and heightened performance of the latest Range Rover models.

Distinguished, Refined Luxury

The newest Range Rover boasts a design that is simple, making it the most desirable Range Rover ever created. Its sleek and timeless aesthetics capture attention from every angle, presenting a truly remarkable presence on the road.  Step inside the Range Rover, and you'll experience luxury travel and comfort for up to seven adults. The interior exudes opulence and elegance, offering a haven of tranquillity and indulgence. Every detail is meticulously crafted to provide the utmost comfort and convenience, ensuring an unparalleled driving experience.

Intuitive Technology

Range Rover incorporates a range of intuitive technologies designed to make your life easier. From advanced driving features to state-of-the-art connectivity options, the vehicle seamlessly integrates with your lifestyle. The 13.4" touch-screen display serves as a central hub for controlling heating, ventilation, and Terrain Response features, resulting in an even more streamlined and minimalist interior design.

Heightened Performance

The new Range Rover models deliver next-level performance, efficiency, and refinement. Both plug-in hybrid (PHEV) versions have received significant upgrades, including new 160kW electric motors. The result is an increase in power output, with the updated P460e version offering up to 460 hp and the new P550e version reaching an impressive 550hp. These figures make the P550e the most powerful PHEV Land Rover has ever produced.

Enhanced Efficiency, Exclusivity and Power

The improvements extend beyond power, as all PHEV versions now achieve an impressive 70 miles of Equivalent All-Electric Range. This significant increase ensures that all PHEVs qualify for the favourable 5% Benefit in Kind (BiK) tax rate, promoting environmentally friendly driving while reducing costs.  For those seeking exceptional luxury and exclusivity, the SV V8 variant is upgraded to an impressive 615hp. This enhancement enables the new P615 SV flagship version to deliver unmatched power and performance, elevating the driving experience to new heights. The P615 SV is available in both SWB and LWB 4/5-Seat versions, providing an exclusive driving experience tailored to your preferences.

Not only are the PHEV versions upgraded, but the P530 V8 Petrol also receives enhancements. It now incorporates Mild Hybrid (MHEV) technology, leading to approximately 5% efficiency improvements. These advancements contribute to a more sustainable and eco-conscious driving experience.

New and Used Range Rover

Experience the thrill of adventure with the new Range Rover or browse our collection of approved used Range Rovers. With its exceptional design, unmatched versatility, and impressive capability, it is the ideal vehicle to ignite your adventurous spirit. Schedule your test drive today at the nearest Harwoods Land Rover showroom.

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