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The Audi Q4 e-tron seamlessly integrates Audi's advanced technology with the elegant design of a compact SUV, crafted specifically for everyday convenience. Boasting a commanding presence through its sturdy build and refined lines, the Q4 e-tron radiates confidence and sophistication. To test its day-to-day performance, I brought the Q4 e-tron home for a week to experience what it's truly like to live with.

All About e-tron

e-tron is Audi's collection of fully electric models. The sleek, stylish EV's utilise electric battery-powered motors, eliminating CO₂ emissions and letting you embrace a greener lifestyle. Whether you recharge at home or on the go, the e-tron seamlessly integrates with your life, offering the same premium Audi experience you'd expect, all while embracing the advantages of electric mobility.

The Everyday Audi 

The Q4 e-tron settled into the day-to-day immediately. You’re connected, in control, and aware you’re behind the wheel of a performance-led car. The Q4 e-tron's cabin is a haven of comfort, connectivity, and quietude, the interior feels premium, and durable, and you can feel the advanced technology from the moment you step inside. Despite its compact exterior, the interior is surprisingly spacious and well-equipped with innovative features that enhance everyday driving, it’s in the small details that a big difference is made. There’s plenty of room for bags, coats and luggage. Clips to secure your phone whilst driving, conveniently placed cupholders, wireless charging pad and ports for USB-C charging cables.  A sporty edge runs throughout the e-tron, which is evident in the lines, curves and details. Inside, a flat-bottom steering wheel is enhanced by sleek lines, gloss accents and sharp LEDs. You’re cocooned into the perfect driving position with all you need at your fingertips. Sculpted leather seats provide the most comfortable seating for all passengers, with material that just feels luxurious. Beyond the seats, the handles, the carpet it has an essence of capability, it feels sturdy and reliable, it feels capable for family life and for journeys. Outside the e-tron, the luminous LED door lights proudly project the e-tron badge on the ground, while the LED lights are striking, sharp and intuitive. This is more than what you expect from Audi, it’s the Q4 e-tron.

Comfort. Performance. Technology.

The e-tron is quiet but powerful. Performance is packed into a compact SUV without the need for compromise. From motorway driving to slow-moving traffic, the Q4 e-tron adapts and sits comfortably and the acceleration from braking is efficient, making stop/start driving smooth. 

Technology is at your fingertips, seamlessly integrated into the Q4 e-tron's intuitive touchscreen system. I found it simple to swipe through menus, access my phone, Apple CarPlay and start the  navigation system with just a tap. The driver assist features take daily driving to the next level, which makes driving the e-tron really effortless, which is something I found to be one of the most refreshing things about it. Adaptive cruise control maintains a steady speed, while lane departure warning gently guides you back on course. Park assist makes parking a breeze, so getting into tight spots or charging bays takes no effort at all, which really eliminates that anxiety and pressure around parking, particularly if you’re in a busy car park or have limited visibility. 

Advanced. Stylish. Electric.

This e-tron was a car I really admired, from all angles the Q4 exudes confidence, it has such a  sleek look, with bold lines and curves blending together to create a striking shape which is unmistakably Audi. The sculpted headlights, seamlessly integrated into the front fascia, adds to the car's remarkable presence, while the rear taillights, extending across the width of the vehicle, accentuate its width and enhance its overall aesthetic appeal. With a press of the lock or unlock button, the rear LED light beams with a futuristic feel. Its bold lines, confident stance, and iconic Audi DNA make it a statement on the road, leaving a lasting impression wherever it goes. It has a slight futuristic appeal which definitely draws the eye, from the inside out, it’s undeniably a beautifully made car. 

I took the Q4 e-tron on dual-carriageways, motorways, and down the country lanes of the scenic New Forest, and I felt nothing but confidence with my headlights and driving assist functions. While the rear view is somewhat limited, the generous wing mirrors and windscreen view, paired with an intentional driving position and display, provide the perfect setting for driving across a multitude of roads in all weathers. From daytime driving in slow traffic to fast-moving motorway driving in the rain, in the Q4 e-tron, I found myself cosy in my own little world, comfortable with a car that I could really see being mine. 

The entertainment from the MMI is as efficient as it gets, with Audi Connect Navigation & Infotainment Plus, Apple CarPlay, DAB Radio and even Audi Roadside Assistance. The sound quality is quite literally music to your eyes, striking a perfect level of bass and all-round balance within the cabin. As I mentioned before, it’s in the little touches that really make the difference, getting into the car, connecting my iPhone, playing music and placing my phone on the wireless charging pad is the height of convenience and does nothing but enhance my journey before I’ve even pressed the start button. Having all of the controls you need on the steering wheel and precisely at your fingertips is nothing sort of a modern-day blessing.

Electric power. Rapid charging.

Charging the Q4 e-tron is simple and with a range of up to 329 miles, it’s also super efficient. This was my first time charging an electric vehicle, and much to my relief, it was straightforward to figure out. The added convenience of accessing nearby charging stations via the navigation system whilst on the move is a thoughtful touch, and one of those features that simply makes your life easier. When it came to charging, I made the most of my time by plugging in while running life's daily errands. I plugged in and did a food shop and also went out for a quick bite to eat, all while the Q4 e-tron was recharging which, I have to say, left me feeling very accomplished and gave me one less thing to do - and to worry about. I also used a rapid-charger for a quick charge on the go. In approximately 20 minutes I was up at least 100 miles, with the car sitting in charging mode I could keep an eye on the range and get the car where I needed it to be before heading off again. My only gripe in the process was the availability of EV chargers in my local area. While never too far from a charging point, the South Coast seemed to have a somewhat limited number of EV charging stations. Nonetheless, as the infrastructure for electric cars and electric car charging evolves, this inconvenience is expected to disappear; making it less of a concern in the future.

All-Electric Audi Q4 e-tron

Written by Amy Josling Digital Marketing & Content Executive

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