90 Years of Harwoods

We care

Everything must start with caring about something.

For Harwoods Group, since our very beginnings in 1931, that something has been our customers.

But what does that mean exactly? Clearly any organisation can state they care about their customers, as without loyal customers they’re nothing.

When we say we care, it is from the heart, and is based on the tangible real-life difference we believe the entire group continues to deliver every day. We care that customers receive exceptional service with every interaction with our group, which is truly felt, not just stated. We care that we offer the best value possible for our customers, whether buying new or our reassuringly high-quality used vehicles, or benefiting from our precisely delivered personal aftersales services. We care about being highly competitive, from the paddock to the racecourse, from the showroom to the digital ecosystem. We care about being the best; the best amongst our competitors, because being the best ensures Harwoods customers are receiving the best, of everything. And this doesn’t stop at the sale, it never has.


Experience has shown us that you don’t spend 90 years caring about people, as individuals, without making meaningful friendships along the way.

Harwoods Group has proudly remained a family-owned business in a world of PLCs, and we believe our customers, our friends, really understand and appreciate the difference this makes. And the Harwoods Group family have touched many lives. Countless friends were there when Guy Harwood achieved so much in the world of horse racing, bringing in many famous wins, wins that were shared with friends, wins which inspired a whole generation to be part of the growth of the Harwoods Group, itself admired to this day. Families are close. Families encourage close friendships, and the Harwoods Group family, which includes every team member in the group, consider each other and their personal customers as friends. With friendship comes loyalty, which is why Harwoods customers come back again and again, with their complete car ownership experience fulfilled in one place. Harwoods Group are the motoring Amazon Prime.


Taking a few moments to peruse the Harwoods timeline, it becomes immediately apparent that we haven’t arrived here without embarking on a few adventures on the way.

Exploring new ways to provide what our friends, our customers aspire for, has come naturally to us since the very beginning. The relentless pursuit of ‘winning’ at expanding our offering, by which we mean achieving the successful creation of healthy functional dealerships, will never end. Harwoods success is built on providing the absolute best for our customers, delivering what they want in a way that only Harwoods can. With an inquisitive nature firmly embedded in our DNA, we feel obliged to explore and deliver more products and services to our loyal customers, infinitum.


We arrive here today after 90 years of delivering memorable experiences, through our customer interactions at all our dealerships, and through the Harwoods family’s respected presence in world-class horse racing. But we know that if we felt ‘we had made it’ it would be time to stop.

Harwoods Group is constantly evolving, innovating to trailblaze the automotive sales and service industry. Our evolution has been organic, reacting to customer aspirations, and more recently to global life-changing events with digital solutions. Customers have enjoyed our innovative exhilarating Harwoods track events, which themselves have created a following of like-minded individuals, the Harwoods Collective. There is no hiding from the fact that these sought-after events come at a cost to the group, but we are realists who understand that innovation costs, and that is something we are prepared to do for our customers.


Our values have driven us to ensure we do the right thing, continuously, for all our customers. This has enabled one of our values, arguably the most important value, to thrive and be relied upon; trust.

As a family business, our genuine care, friendship, inspired exploration and innovation, would be without merit without trust between us and our customers. People trust that our team members are qualified to be called the experts in their chosen area of work, that they have been nurtured and cherished as employees, invested in and protected with strong character-building ‘empowered’ resources. Our commitment ensures our team have been able to deliver on what we promise – a personal, professional and memorable experience renowned throughout the South of England. And the trusted brand Harwoods is growing online daily.

Horse power

Dancing Brave; the horse in the bottom yard which caught Guy Harwood’s eye; "which horse is that?", "that’s Dancing Brave", "drop him off at the top yard on the way out". Legends are made of this.

Trained by Guy, Dancing Brave went on to win the 2000 Guineas, the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes, and the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe. Horse power and horsepower, both intertwined in the 90-year Harwoods heritage. Both so inextricably linked, both propelling us to where we aspire to be. Look after the horse, the car, and it will take care of you.

The Harwoods Group story is rich with enviable milestones of progress and achievement, from racing wins from Guy Harwood’s world-class Coombelands training facilities to globally respected automotive marques trusting Harwoods to represent their brands. We are proud of our journey, the achievements along the way, the people who have been part of it, and we are equally excited about the future, with no finish line.

However, our biggest achievement is that you are reading this today. Since 1931, through our founder Wally Harwood, his son our Chairman Guy Harwood, and his son our inquisitive and driven CEO Archie Harwood, it is people like you who have made Harwoods what it is today. And you will drive how we evolve.

We can’t entirely predict the future, but one thing is for sure; with Harwoods it will be a memorable experience delivered by relentless horse power.

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