BMW Approved Tyres

BMW Approved Tyres At Harwoods

With BMW Approved Tyres you cannot go wrong. Marked with a special star emblem on the tyre’s sidewall, you will instantly be able to tell that your BMWs replacement tyres are equally as exceptional as the originally equipped ones.

If you would like us to check the health of your tyres, let us know. We will be more than happy to check your tyres for any abnormalities such as bulges or cracks, and if they need replacing we will only use the best – BMW Approved Tyres.

BMW Star Marked Tyres

The star marking is the BMW stamp of approval. All BMW Star Marked tyres have been tested and developed in partnership with leading tyre manufacturers to ensure they harmonise with your BMW in the best way possible ensuring optimum performance, comfort and safety.

Keep It Legal

The minimum depth of tread on a tyre is 1.6mm across the entire middle 75% of the tyre. To check this you can see the tyre wear indicators in the base of the tyre tread groove.

When your tyre tread is below these indicators, your vehicle becomes illegal to operate. To avoid this issue, we advise you replace your tyres when the tread is worn down to 3mm. At this point your tyre is 78% worn-out with braking and acceleration being greatly compromised, and in winter or wet conditions your tyres become significantly more hazardous.

If you are caught using your vehicle with tyres below the legal tread depth, you can be penalised with a nasty fine and penalty points on your driving license.

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