Volvo Accessories

Volvo Fitted Running Boards

Enhance the look of your Volvo with stylish integrated running boards. Whether you’re loading luggage or giving your Volvo a good clean, a running board gives you easier access to the roof. Makes getting in and out of the car even easier for everyone. Perfect for those that may need an extra hand. The lightweight board is well integrated in the lower sill area. Exclusive brushed stainless steel and anti-slip rubber inserts combine to form a sleek pattern.

Volvo Engine Remote Start

With Engine Remote Start, your car’s engine can be started remotely using the car key, saving you time and ensuring you start as you left off, in comfort. Upon activation the passenger compartment is heated up or cooled down when the engine starts, based on what the temperature settings were when the car was parked. Get this software upgrade with 60% off for a limited time. Now £99 instead of £260 RRP, until 31st March 2023. Terms & conditions apply.

Smartphone Integration

We are offering a up to £100 saving on Smartphone integration on XC40, S60, V60, XC60, S90, V90 & XC90 and a year in-car Wi-Fi with 100 GB of data. Smartphone Integration consists of both Apple. CarPlay and Android Auto, and it means you can use your smartphone in a simple and safe way in the car. Keep fully focused on the road with voice function. Easier to text, make calls and navigate. Supports other downloaded apps such as Spotify. Use Maps on touch display or via the voice function.

Volvo Stolen Vehicle Tracking

Volvo has partnered up with Vodafone to source a Thatcham approved tracker. Thatcham Category S5 accredited – the highest independent vehicle security endorsements available in the UK, recognised by major insurers. The features of the tracker include:

- My Connected Car App for complete control. Includes satellite Google Maps viewing and a Car Finder function that shows you the quickest way to get back to your car, whether you’re walking or driving.

- Local language police liaison and recovery across 45 European countries. - Special Mode including Garage Mode or Transport Mode to prevent false alerts.

- Speed Alert, SOS Button, plus up to 10 vehicles on an account.

Volvo XC60 Pet Pack

Transport your pets in style and safety. Volvo cars are designed with every family member in mind, including your pets. Our Pet Accessory Pack does two important jobs, it helps keep your pet safe and your car clean. This package includes:

  • The Protection Pack

  • Protective Steel Grille

  • Load Divider

  • Dog Gate

  • Dog Gate Load Liner

Polestar Optimisation

Polestar Engineered Optimisation is a software upgrade that significantly enhances the performance of your Volvo, providing a truly exceptional driving experience. A few performance areas include:

  • Faster throttle response

  • Faster gear changes

  • Increased engine performance

  • No affect on fuel consumption or CO2 emissions

Ultimate Volvo Accessories

From practical accessories like phone cases, water bottles and key rings to fun items like small model cars and a remote control car, there is something for everyone. For those who like to stay organised, there are also pens and a notepad available. And for those who love Volvo's iconic moose mascot, there is even a moose plush toy.

Volvo Rear View Camera

Increases your field of vision behind the car when parking. A camera mounted in the boot lid now makes it possible for you to have "eyes in the back of your head" when parallel parking. The monitor displays what is behind the car. The camera, which is practically invisible in the boot lid, sends the image digitally to a control module located in the load compartment. The monitor displays the car's bumper and a great deal of the area behind the car. Advanced image processing makes the image as true to life as possible. A mark at the reference lines indicates the car's approximate distance to objects behind the car.

Volvo All-weather Interior Cabin Floor Mats

Floor mats, including a tunnel mat, for the passenger compartment floor. The mats are made of soft and flexible plastic, which have a rubber feel. They have raised edges all around, which give protection against wet and dirt on the car's interior. The material is rugged and designed in a pattern with soft edges. Both the mats' colour and shape are matched to harmonise with the car's interior. The mats are easy to install and seal tight against the floor. The mats are fixed with integrated clips through leak-protected installation holes. The mats are easily removed and can be rinsed off with water.

Volvo Bike Holders, Roof & Tow Bars

Bike holders, roof racks, and tow bars are all essential accessories for anyone who loves to transport their bicycles, go on staycations and keep up with family life. Everyday to adventurous, life-saving to lifestyle-defining. You’ll find the accessory you’re looking for in our range, as well as plenty of room for inspiration.

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