Aston Martin Paint Protection

Aston Martin Paint Protection

GTechniq Protection Products

Here at Harwoods we know that keeping your car in pristine condition is important, which is why we offer GTechiq Protection Products.

Paint Protection

Platinum Crystal Coat creates a resilient, glossy, smooth-to-the-touch, chemically bonded, 9H optically clear ceramic layer with exceptional durability.

Glass Protection

Each external window undergoes a durable and optically clear treatment with a hydrophobic coating.

Interior Protection

Gtechniq's interior products maintain the freshness and appearance of leather and fabric, ensuring a longer-lasting, newer look. Utilizing Gtechniq with Biocote® offers protection against microbial growth, enhancing your car's interior hygiene.

Wheel Protection

Platinum Wheel Seal provides superior wheel protection, resisting brake dust and contaminants, and simplifying maintenance. Proven to outlast competing rim coatings, it forms a unique chemical bond, serving as the functional surface for your rims.

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