Dear valued customer

As with most automotive retailers we represent our manufacturing partner to retail their vehicles in the UK.

We are unable to process your order if you plan to export or sell your car in the next 12 months.

The relationship between Harwoods and Jaguar Land Rover is conducted under the strict terms of a territorial franchise agreement and as such we are only able to sell and register vehicles to customers with a UK address. We explicitly do not export Jaguar Land Rover vehicles, nor do we sell vehicles to resellers who act as intermediaries to onward supply cars either in the UK or abroad.

There are substantial monetary fines levied to us by the manufacturer if it is found that we have engaged in any reseller or export activity.

We will carry out due diligence checks on all our customers to ensure we comply with our contractual obligations and would ask that you confirm you are not a reseller or will not export by completing the following purchase declaration.

Purchase declaration

I confirm that the Jaguar or Land Rover I am purchasing from Harwoods is for my own use and will not be exported outside of the UK.

I confirm I am not a reseller and the vehicle I am purchasing is for my own personal/business use.

I further confirm that if the above vehicle is exported or resold within 12 months of registration or my ownership that I will pay any fines that are incurred by Harwoods from Jaguar Land Rover under the terms of our franchise agreement. If, for any reason you need to dispose of your vehicle within 12 months of purchase you confirm that Harwoods would be given first refusal to purchase.

I agree that Harwoods can carry out due diligence checks using internal business systems and the internet.

Harwoods reserve the right to cancel any order if these checks identify any potential reseller or export activity.